Bespoke Items

Why not order a coat rack that suits your needs.  Any design or size that fits where you want it to go.  


Some of the commissioned items we have made are shown below.

antler & holders

The client had an antler they wanted combined with a coat and key holder that would fit under their stairs.  The result in oak:

rottie 12peg

A long porch wall needed something substantial for a lot of coats.  They were just getting a Rotweiler puppy so what better than a 5ft 12 peg coat holder.

The client had border collies and wanted a coat holder that would fit in a space in their hall.  The result a 2.5 ft 6 peg coat holder showing two collies facing each other in the classic crouch position.

border collies 6peg1 in hallway

In position and a perfect match with the cupboard

springer pheasant 6peg

Why not combine a gundog and game bird like this springer chasing a pheasant requested as a 6 peg coat holder