Coat racks

Our coat racks are currently available made from English Sweet Chestnut and with 5 pegs (56cmsx19cms) or 3 pegs (33cmsx19cms).


If you have a specific size requirement please contact us, special orders can be accommodated.  Why not customise your coat rack (see bottom picture for an example); additional price dependent on the amount of work required.


The shotgun cartridges are recycled from our local shoot or obtained from friends, they are available in several colours so we are able to co-ordinate with your decor if you wish.


Our range of breeds available will grow quickly so please check back with us regularly or make a request.

IMG_6460 copy

Sweet Chestnut - 5 peg - £55.00

56cms x 19cms

Sweet Chestnut - 3 peg - £45.00

33cms x 19cms

Cart 1 white small Cart 1 white small cocker3peg customise

Why not personalise it