Hand made from locally sourced wood

The spent gun cartridges are collected from the shoot our dogs work on and kind donations from other working friends.

coat rack 3


Current gundog designs are for Bracco Italiano,  Weimaraner, GSP, Italian Spinone, English Pointer, Labrador, Hungarian Vizsla and working Cocker and Springer Spaniel.  By request we also have a Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund and a Terrier Eventually we will accommodate all gundogs and by request other working breeds.  


Priority for adding a new breed will be based on customer requests.


Wood is supplied by local Wiltshire based independent  saw mill which search for native sustainable timber.  Wood currently available are English Sweet Chestnut and Englsh Ceder of Lebanon.  We have had to move to European oak because people want a light colour to match their imported oak furniture - English oak is a darker colour which we like but is not so popular.


Note woods availabe may change based on availability and sustainable supplies which will be indicated on our website.



lab yellow clock weimaraner lead holder 008w oak clock 12-20 lab antler & holders pheasant running key holder