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Welcome to our page showing our stunning game cuts.  The game shown below are cut out of card with hand woven 'Harris' tweed behind them.  Unlike conventional silhouettes which are just an outline of the image Kim has designed a segmentation which reflects body shape giving an eye-catching effect.


There are currently six game cuts available - Stag, Flying pheasant, Walking pheasant, Woodcock, Running hare and Boxing hares - a Grouse and Mallard are in preparation.  There are three frame types - white with cream card, black with white card and wood with a white edge and white card.


The choices of 'Harris' tweed colours, overall size and prices & postage cost are shown below the pictures.  Just select the design, frame type and tweed then contact us.


Click on the image to get a larger view.  



'Harris' tweed colours avalable:

Frame sizes:


White & black                - 282mm x 332mm

Wood with white edge   - 320mm x 370mm




One - £25;  Two - £48; Three - £69; Four - £88; Five - £105; Six £120


Postage & Packaging (sent by myHermes, if they do not deliver to your address the amount may vary)


Black or White frame:

x1-2 £5;  x3-5 £7.50;  x6 £10


Wood frame with white edge:

x1 £5;  x2-4 £7.50;  x5-6 £10



To place an order or get further information please call us on

01425 471104 or email [email protected]


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