Round Cartridge Clocks

These clocks are made from oak.  The outside markers for the time are made from a mixture of shotgun cartridge brass ends or rifle casings and the hands are a matching gold colour giving a stunning appearence.  The clocks are around 22mm in thickness providing a feeling of substance and around 25cm (10inches) in diameter.  Any of the dog silouettes used in the coat hangers can be added to the clock for an additional £10 see examples of a Labrador, Spaniel and Bracco below to order please call 01425 471104 or email [email protected]


Battery operated quartz mechanism keeps excellent time.


The shotgun cartidge ends are either 12 gauge (larger) or 20 gauge (smaller) and the shell casings are from Winchester .243 or .308 rifle casings.  There are three combinations:


12g for the quarters and 20g for the others;

All 12g with taller ones for the quarters;

12g for the quarters and Winchester for the others.


001w 005w 007w

Oak - 12g & 20g

Oak - all 12g

Oak - 12g & Winchester

Cart 1 white small Cart 1 white small Cart 1 white small oak clock 12-20 lab oak clock 12-20 spaniel hand

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oak clock 12-20 bracco